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  • Andrea Goncharova

Building, Dwelling and Thinking

The exhibition "Motherland," curated by Valeria Schiller and presented at the Ephraim-Palais Museum in Berlin, offers a sober and contemplative look at the notion of 'home' through the work of ten Ukrainian artists. Set against the backdrop of the conflict and displacement that marked the year 2022, the exhibition invites viewers to explore the meaning of the concept of 'home' from diverse and often moving perspectives.

Lesia Khomenko, with her work "A Moment of Silence," addresses the relationship between technology and war. The artist transforms blurry images of soldiers into a large-scale painting, emphasizing the importance of identity in the context of modern warfare and social media.

Nikolay Karabinovych, in "There Has Been a Terrible Mistake," recreates the workspace of a diplomat whose death remains shrouded in mystery. This installation invites reflection on the complexity of contemporary political events and the perception of truth.

Yuriy Biley, with his project "FREEDOM FOR ALL," uses historical photographs by Rolf Goetze to explore the relevance of democratic ideals over time. His focus on the reinterpretation of democratic slogans in the current context sheds light on the evolution of political values.

Kateryna Lysovenko, in "The End," presents a utopian vision of soldiers after death. Her work questions traditional concepts of heroism and sacrifice in times of conflict.

Alina Sokolova, in "NIGHT," explores the dynamics of dependence and mutual support through surrealistic imagery. Her compositions suggest a complex relationship between the one carrying and the one being carried.

Julia Beliaeva, in "Landscape with Puppies," depicts a disturbing scene of nature reclaiming human life amid conflict. Her focus on nature as the protagonist highlights the fragility of human existence.

"Motherland" offers a varied and reflective perspective on the concept of 'home' in a context of war and displacement. Valeria Schiller's curation allows the works of these artists to complement each other, generating a meaningful conversation about the human experience in turbulent times.

Nikolay Karabinovych, There Has Been a Terrible Mistake, installation.

MOTHERLAND at Museum Ephraim-Palais

4.06.2023 – 10.09.2023

Ephraim Palace, Poststraße 16, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Cover Photo: Lesia Khomenko (from Kyiv, lives in NYC): A Moment of Silence, 2023. Acrylic on canvas


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